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Use this handy guide to measure your kitchen space to help start your kitchen remodel

How to measure your kitchen

It isn't hard to accurately measure your kitchen. Follow below steps to make sure your new kitchen correctly fits your space. Remember to make your measurements in inches.


Here’s how you do it.

Start by measuring from the floor to the ceiling. Then the distance between walls and from the corners to the doors.

Measure each window and their distances from the floor, the ceiling and the corners of your room. Do the same for the door(s).

Mark down anything that sticks out into the room, such as radiators, ventilation shafts and pipes.




Good to Know

Get measurements for any objects connected to the wall that will effect your cabinets. For example, a sink, windows and major appliances fixed to the wall. Grab a tape measure and find their length, width and depth to see how much space they take up. 

Need Help Measuring Your Kitchen?

We Can Help.

professional measurement technician can come to your home. 

Here are just a few things the measurement technician will do:

• Photograph each wall and overall kitchen space view
• Determine overall room dimensions, including position of windows, doors and sloping ceilings; electric, water and gas connections; and radiators and other fixtures
• Confirm walls are plumb and corners are square

Absolutely, NO Measurement fee!!

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